• German Studies, University of Montreal
• M.A. in English, American and French Studies, University of Tübingen

Professional Training

Courses taken at:

• IWL www.iwl-seminare.de,
• PROFESSIO www.professio.de
• KOMED www.komed-rt.de

Communication and Facilitation for Trainers

Ruth Maria Maul / Stephan Busskamp (IWL), 1998

Diagnosis of conversation and interventions in the frame of a psychology of communication

Dr. Christoph Thomann / Gaby Manneck (IWL), 1999

Resolution of conflicts and difficult encounters in the working environment

Dr. Christoph Thomann / Caterina Barrios (IWL), 1999

Workshop Design / Facilitation

Erich Hartmann (Professio), 2000

Methods and Concepts of Systemic Transactional Analysis

Erich Hartmann and Walter Allinger (Professio), 2000

Coaching / Consultancy / Supervision

Dr. Hans Jellouschek (Professio), 2001


komed; 9 modules, 2003-04