Diane Godard

At home throughout the world…

When I left Montreal for Germany in 1970, I planned only to stay one or two semesters to improve my knowledge of German for my studies. Tübingen won my heart, so I decided to stay and continue my work in American, English and French Studies. My life path explains my fluency in French, German and English and my being so involved with cross-cultural issues.

There’s no way to replace experience…

After my studies I had the chance to work for many years as a representative with the Klett publishing house, more precisely as consultant for adult education. The best consultancy being drawn from practical experiences, I made it a point at this period to give courses in adult education.

Coping with very different working environments and roles added to my personal experience in developing my professional know-how:

… what goes on in production and development of the automobile industry, in the nursing services of an hospital, in the call centers of an airline;

…what are the values and thoughts of people living and working in Germany, in Turkey, in the USA, at the European Commission in Belgium;

…what are the issues preoccupying en employee in the production or a development engineer, a team leader or a head of department.

Since 1999 I’ve been working as a freelance trainer and consultant.