it’s a pleasure to welcome you to my homepage!

What triggers my work…

Training and consultancy were already important to me when I started my professional life thirty years ago – and I still find great fascination in people and their very personal issues; it’s from them I draw the energy to do my job every day with committment and genuine pleasure.

My mission…

When I started up on my own, one of my friends asked me what my goal was – and I answered spontaneously:

“I want people to understand each other better!”

What I meant by this can be seen from two different angles: for who can claim to understand another person if he doesn’t first understand himself?!

This motive has remained the foundation of my work all these years, whether in a group development session in industry, in a personal coaching with a manager or in a mediation to solve a family or professional conflict.

No games…

Both focussing on the customer and centering on processes mean that a clear contract should be agreed upon before every training, every facilitation and every consultancy session. In this way both sides feel responsible for what’s happening.

Professionalism for me doesn’t tally with distance diagnoses and off-the-hook training sessions nor with those that offer instant appeal through the entertaining games they introduce to but which show no lasting effect.

That’s why I particularly appreciate the situations when the client – in general the responsible manager – supports the process with commitment and self-criticism and doesn’t merely delegate as if to say “Now it’s up to you to get rid of my problem!”…

Clearly allocated roles and self-responsibility, transparency and openness constitute the pillars of my work: meeting as responsible equals and exploring alternatives and new ways of acting or learning. This means straight talking not being over-gentle, it means working in a spirit of fairness without of course excluding humor.

If this is the way you can imagine working, I look forward to hearing from you!